Sex has an imperceptible influence on our daily lives, nothing is more diverse than a sexually-charged emotion.
Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo
Cock and Cunt go to the seaside

Storytelling is the medium through which we teach our ideals, values and culture. An adult will read to the child and the child will respond to its mentors, contemporaries, and environment. We start out as a blank canvas, what we become is moulded. In our over-exposed society we do too much or too little to protect the innocence of our being. What is acceptable in one era, is not acceptable in another. From bygone days we had the misogynistic wife-beating Mr Punch and today we have the profanity; sexually-driven words that children love to repeat... 'Fuck Off!' We all cringe at their corrupted innocence. We install tradition and values, then mock and ridicule them with political correctness. The princess becomes the supermodel, the prince becomes a soldier. We aspire to vanity, and accept murder as protection.

Then there's the individuals of diversity, who step outside the box. There is no door to let them in, just a lock and key labelled CENSORED.