Fuhrer's Fetish - the work examines the results of one of the very first psychological profiling investigations. In 1943, American and Allied Intelligence compiled a dossier on Adolf Hitler's purported personality traits in the hope of determining his future actions. As Hitler rose to power, rumours circulated about his inappropriate relationship with his niece, Geli Raubal. The report strongly indicated that Hitler was a sadist, with a taste for sexual humiliation in the form of urophilia.

Sexual identity empowers an individual in an innate way.

Horsey horsey

Equestrian role play art-furniture, with a stallion-style wooden dildo and a squat-rocking motion for animated intercourse. The work examines the relationships between the exhibitionist, who gains sexual empowerment by impaling themselves on an inanimate object for gratification. Thus heightening the stimulation for the voyeur, in turn heightening the intoxication of the exhibitionist in a reciprocal spiral of erotic excitement.