The Silbury Scarecrow at London Bridge, northern line, platform 2, southbound, from August 16th - August 30th 2010.

'The Silbury Scarecrow'

Inspired by the world heritage site, Avebury (Wiltshire, England) is one of the most important Neolithic stone circles in Europe. Pagan rituals take place on a daily basis, and Silbury Hill stands on its perimeter and is the tallest prehistoric human-made mound in Europe. Believed to date back to 2400 BC, Silbury Hill has an erotic origin; the Earth's swollen belly, a symbol of the impregnated soil rising towards the heavens. The river Kennet annually floods around the base of this colossal human-made chalk hill, the word 'Kennet' being an ancient word for female genitalia (the cunt). The Scarecrow, a protector of Mother Earth and a guardian of the harvest, wards off malevolent spirits.