Billboards throughout the city will display 20ft x 16ft original artworks by international artists. The original artworks will also be exhibited as part of the Art Below "Pop Up" Group Show for the month of February at Gallery Orange located in the world famous French Quarter. There will be 2 private view events at Gallery Orange on 4th and 18th February. February 2012 Gallery Orange will be teaming up with a prestigious UK organisation "Art Below". World calibre artists displaying in public spaces on underground rail systems, will go above ground and be represented on billboards in the US for the first time.

Pop-Up - New Orleans 

Art Below | 'Pop Up' | New Orleans | February 2012 



The big idea of the Pop-Up campaign was to integrate 'art' into the festivities of New Orleans using unorthodox methods and celebrate culture. 
Flanking the parade routes of the Mardi Gras and displayed throughout the city were 20ft x 16ft original artworks by international artists. 

'Portal- the triptych' on Tchoupitoulas. The original artworks were also exhibited as part of the Art Below "Pop Up" Group Show at the Gallery Orange located in the world famous French Quarter.  

New Orleans has an eclectic-electric atmosphere and in February, Mardi Gras is televised live to the whole of the USA on 'Fat Tuesday, 21st February 2012'. 


That morning from our room at the famous Roosevelt Hotel (where the young Louis Armstrong was in resident for his early career) we could see from our window a Pop-Up billboard in the distant skyline. From their floats The Krewe of Zulu and The Krewe of Rex were parading along Canal Street and St Charles Street throwing beaded necklaces and other objects to the adulation of the screaming crowds. The effect of watching the live T.V. and seeing one of the Pop-Up Billboards in the distant skyline, merging together with the droning hum of the masses, was a sublime duplication of the message at the core of Portal. Reality vs Fantasy, turned upside down and inside out. Perceptions, imperceptibly merged. 

The heavy thunder storms that had preceded the day and set the streets of New Orleans a-flow had gone, so we seized the moment, fighting the conta-flow of the masses and made our way on foot to Tchoupitoulas, the street that runs along the Mississippi and is the urban entrance to the French Quarter of New Orleans, where the adventure begins and the hyper-real unfolds. 




The Big Belly Oak is one of the oldest trees in England. Its lichen-covered, twisted, gnarled, wrinkled trunk and branches have witnessed over a thousand years of English history. 
Since the time of William The Conqueror, the Royal Hunting Forest of Savernake has spawned the imagination. Those who live within Savernake talk of the tree and ghostly goings-on; witches covens, iron age temples and tales of eerie sounds coming from deep within the blackness of the forest. 

According to local legend, the devil appears to anyone who dances naked at midnight twelve times anti-clockwise around the Big Belly Oak. 

In 1535 Jane Seymour first met King Henry VIII while he was hunting with Sir John Seymour in the forest. Local tradition has it that King Henry proposed to Jane under the branches of the Big Belly Oak.

Gallery Orange: "Exciting times for us "dauwn Sauth" because "Fest" season is about to descend upon us : Mardi Gras, followed by French Quarter Fest in April and Jazz Fest, to name but a few. For Mardi Gras month, Gallery Orange is proud to be hosting the US's first ever exhibition in conjunction with the London "Art Below" organisation during the month of February. 20 huge billboards city wide will be filled not with advertisements but with giant sized artworks from successful emerging and known worldwide artists and Gallery orange will display the small framed and original versions with 2 celebratory events Friday 3rd 6-9 and 18th 5-8pm. This programme has been run very successfully in undergrounds in London, Berlin and Japan and we are proud to be the first ever US city to run this above ground with this prestigious organisation".